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RunScribe partnership & technology application

We are excited to announce our latest and most important partnership to date. A partnership that underpins the very core of what we do day in day out with runners.

For the past 4 years RunScribe wearable technology has been the number one choice for serious gait analysts around the world from the leading footwear companies to elite runners, coaches and clinics. Every gait analysis that we have done at Runfisix for the past 4 years has involved some generation of RunScribe pods. Their ease of use, light weight, great battery life and brilliant reliability are some of the reasons why they have fitted perfectly with our philosophy of credibly measuring runners in real environments. 

We feel this partnership is an opportunity to showcase the best of what the technology can do with our deep knowledge and experience of how to best apply the data to help runners stay injury free. Building on 7 years of wearable gait analysis experience and more than 2600 onsite analyses and many more remote, we've been able to refine workflows and understanding as to how to turn the multitude of important numbers into a meaningful picture and then informed action. 


| A meaningful picture and then informed action 


Our support to RunScribe will include..

1) Remote gait analysis of user datasets from anywhere in the world (both professional and consumer users).

2) Remote and in person training on how to interpret and apply RunScribe gait data for professional use

3) Web-based knowledge sharing via the RunScribe community forum and the Runfisx website. This will include instructional videos, case study webinars and written case studies.

4) We will also be selling RunScribe pods to professional users from the Runfisx site. 


In recent weeks we've seen an increase in the number of individual runner users around the world who have purchased RunScribe pods and want to learn more about how to use them effectively or need a block of data to be expertly interpreted. 


Here's some recent feedback on our service from a user in the US:

'Working with the injury prevention expert at Runfisx with remote gait analysis was a breeze. They sent me the sensors, which were really easy to attach to my shoes. After running for a week or so I sent them back and then a few days later the specialist at Runfisx emailed me a report that contained the data along with their analysis and thorough explanation. With this I’ve been able to spotlight some weaknesses I didn’t realize I had and target them using the exercises that were specified.'

-Mat E. Runner. Colorado, US. 


For more detailed information on RunScribe please check out the site at https://runscribe.com 


If you have any questions about buying or using RunScribe pods or you need some to analyze your data, please feel free to enter a comment below or email us direct at info@runfisix.com


We're looking forward to supporting RunScribe users around the world to use gait analysis to bring about positive change in runner's movement. Maybe in the future we'll work with you?

  • Feb 03, 2020
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