Runfisix staff made the trip to our clinic to present on the subject of wearable technology in running gait analysis. The representative was highly educated and experienced and immediately able to hone in on key concepts in injury prevention. Their concise and clear communication style made it easy to understand how this relatively new approach to gait analysis could add value to the work we do with elite and non-elite athletes. We are very wary of technologies and methods that could be gimmicks, so the great technical discussions we had throughout the day were testament to the quality of Runfisix's services and the depth of their knowledge. We highly recommend partnering with Runfisix to boost your clinical gait analysis. 

-David M. World Leading Physiotherapist, Strength Coach and Movement Specialist

After the humbling experience of my first marathon I contacted Runfisix. During the course of one year I have been able crush PR’s injury free. Crossing the finish line at my last marathon and seeing the Runfisix staff member's excitement showed me their passion for the sport. I consider them not only as a guide and mentor but as the people who always have the answer.

-Norm H. Runner

I can't say enough good things about Runfisix. Its the full deal from physio to gait analysis and strength and conditioning. As a current client they are building me back up! 

-Laura S. Runner and Run Program Ambassador

I want to thank you Runfisix for sharing your knowledge and expertise on running with us. I found it inspiring to know that we all have our own unique running style. All the data and science and your obvious passion for the sport make you so valuable to the elite athlete and those of us “regular people” just staying fit. 

-Heather N. Runner

Runfisix staff are the most knowledgeable, accessible, and credible strength and gait coaches I have ever met. They are able to take very complex concepts and articulate them in a manner that is easy to understand and apply. We (Peak Run Performance and 5 Peaks Races) began working with Runfisix because they provide a level of expertise and service that is beyond our capabilities and experience. Working with Runfisix has enabled our athletes to identify how to avoid injury and continue to improve as runners and athletes. 

-Jacob P. Renowned Coach, Race Director and Multi-time National Champion Runner

Thanks so much for the fantastic gait analysis. The assessment was bang on with what I've been experiencing. This gait analysis will be really useful for me and my physio prior to starting treatment. Thanks again! 

-Melanie B. Runner

My running analysis and injury prevention work with Runfisix was probably the most helpful investment I’ve ever had into my running. Several key learning moments that will impact my long term health as a runner. Expect friendly, clear and confident analysis and strategy for your future life as a runner. I would suggest every runner do this. This is proper analysis rather than just 10mins on a treadmill at a running store that is branded as “gait assessment”! 

-David H. Runner and Run Program Ambassador

I’m super happy with my RunScribe pods – and I’m glad I got connected to someone like Runfisix who could dig into the data and come up with actionable recommendations. I’d love to see others take advantage of it too. 

-Dirk G. Runner

Runfisix provided expertise to help in the training and demonstration of advanced techniques in running gait and biomechanical analysis for my physiotherapy clinic. Their dedication, passion, insight and incredible knowledge of the subject of running biomechanics made it a real pleasure to have them helping us. Thanks! 

-Joshua A. Physiotherapist and Clinic Owner

Runfisix's brilliant knowledge and guidance enabled me to overcome any niggles with my body during my training. They guided me from being a novice runner to my first marathon finish whilst managing my injury risk perfectly. Without their expert help I severely doubt that I would have been able to complete the London Marathon in 2018. 

-Josh V. Runner

After years of training through an achilles injury, I made the decision to have a dedicated professional provide an analysis of my running form and muscle imbalance. The Runfisix staff did an excellent job of preparing my return to full training and have been diligent in adapting and optimizing the workout load in training. I always have the opportunity to incorporate the gains at the end of the session with real-time running analysis. I’m well on my way to a full recovery. Thanks Runfisix for your dedication, expertise and motivation. 

-David G. Physiotherapist and Runner

I went into the running analysis with Runfisix feeling a bit nervous as I am by no means a "professional runner". However, they were incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and immediately put me at ease. I learned so much more than I anticipated, and they are very accessible through email to answer any follow up questions. Their knowledge about sports and running continues to blow me away. I would highly recommend any of their services!. 

-Molly L. Runner

Runfisix staff can really break down the sport like no one else I know. Their knowledge is unbelievable and they are true technicians when it comes to athletics. They go above and beyond. They have always taken care of my injury issues. I can't say enough of them! They are the real deal and have no weaknesses. You just have to put in the work and I guarantee you will get results! My expectations were exceeded and I'm lucky to have them on my side! 

-Neil H. Runner

I had the great pleasure of working with Runfisix in the field of running biomechanics and physiotherapy assessment. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and skilled experts in assessing runners and understanding how to prevent running injuries. Their breadth of experience means they have a unique insight into all of the factors that contribute to reducing injury risk and improving performance in runners. 

-Shawna J. Wearable Technology Expert and Physiotherapist

I went to Runfisix after suffering from a reoccurring injury. The staff did a complete gait assessment with some amazing hardware , muscle strength, and functional movement assessment. They were able to point out some key issues give me targeted exercises and I’ve had marked improvements in my training. Their personality is top notch making you feel very comfortable. I recommend Runfisix to anyone looking for improvements.

-Calvin D. Runner

In the fall of the last year I approached Runfisix with ankle stability issues and shin splint pain. After a comprehensive gait analysis, the staff at Runfisix put me on an individually tailored plan that had me back running without pain in little time. I've been really pleased with the results thus far. Runfisix staff are attentive and adept and extremely knowledgeable about their craft. Their dedication to their clients needs and their passion is infectious. 

-Nathan M. Runner

The staff member I worked with at Runfisix is one of the most dedicated experts I've ever met. Their passion to help and guide athletes is among the top elite. The attention to detail that they put into every aspect of the sport helps to refine skills, to become better, and ultimately have a shot at being your best. 

-Gordon M. World Championship Athlete, Coach and Gym Owner

Runfisix staff have a unique ability to integrate their sports science background with cutting edge technological advancements to evaluate a runner’s gait. Their expert analysis helped me understand my gait issues during a potentially career-ending hip injury. What surprised me most about the Runfisix staff was not only their varied background in sports science, strength training, and coaching, but the ease in which they can communicate about those topics. I recommend Runfisix to anyone who wants to improve their running or become a healthier, happier runner. 

-Cameron H. Runner

Runfisix staff were tremendously helpful in determining my running deficiencies and suggesting strategies to improve. I would highly recommend Runfisix! 

-Anne H. Runner

It was such a pleasure getting into your Runfisix studio and working with you. Your knowledge and process is amazing. I am excited to build off of the work we did and continue a partnership as I rebuild and return to racing. 

-Sanjay S. World Championship Ultra Runner and Xterra World Championship Triathlete

Runfisix were instrumental in helping to identify core issues contributing to my ongoing running injuries. Having the opportunity to collect remote data using RunScribe pods and then do a full in office assessment provided a well rounded view of focus areas that will help with injury prevention as I train towards upcoming running and racing goals. Highly recommend Runfisix to help with injury prevention and strength coaching!

-Kristina H. Runner

I highly recommend Runfisix's running services! I saw them while dealing with chronic discomfort associated with running. They provided very useful feedback about my running style and performance and initiated a specific training program to deal with the insufficiencies they picked up. I appreciate the support from Runfisix and the feeling of improvement!

-Caeley T. Runner

In early 2018 I decided to look for running coaching and injury prevention support to help me achieve my goals. I needed someone who could help me to reach my full potential but who would be responsive to any issues I would encounter along the way. After researching the possible options the support group I chose was Runfisix. Over the course of the year the expert specialist at Runfisx has proven to be focused, adaptive, resourceful and intuitive. They are always three steps ahead of me. I highly recommend Runfisix as a runner support service and a partner in your running journey. 

-Martin P. Runner, Writer, Speaker and Guinness World Record Holder

Working with the injury prevention expert at Runfisix with remote gait analysis was a breeze. They sent me the sensors, which were really easy to attach to my shoes. After running for a week or so I sent them back and then a few days later the specialist at Runfisix emailed me a report that contained the data along with their analysis and thorough explanation. With this I’ve been able to spotlight some weaknesses I didn’t realize I had and target them using the exercises that were specified. 

-Mat E. Runner

I live in Colorado, so I worked with Runfisix for a long-distance gait analysis. The entire process was super easy and very informative. I've been a runner for more than 20 years, but I definitely gained some new insight from this experience. They break down the different aspects of the gait analysis in a way that's easy to understand and gave me some recommendations for moving forward. Whether you have an injury or just want to learn more about your running form, I highly recommend this service! 

-Abbie L. Runner

Runfisix did a running assessment with me and the findings lead to a better understanding of my issues and injuries. I highly recommend Runfisix. 

-Dave P. Ultrarunner and Guinness World Record Holder

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to schedule an appointment with Runfisix while visiting Calgary from Peace River. The gait and biomechanical assessment was extremely helpful to improve my running activities and to provide opportunities for growth and to help prevent injuries. The morning spent with Runfisix staff was so enjoyable and was such an educational experience. Their experience and extensive knowledge is amazing. They made me feel incredibly comfortable and spent a lot of time explaining my results and showing me the necessary exercises to overcome some areas of the body to make it stronger. I would highly recommend Runfisix to any of my friends. I know I will come and see them again when I'm in Calgary. 

-Cindy M. Runner

As a physiotherapist and athlete, I love biomechanics and I always try to understand it better (both for helping my athletes and to try to run faster myself). Until now, biomechanical analysis was only done in the lab, with lots of limitations to understand what happens in outdoor running. With the technology provided by Runfisix, I can record the data of a full marathon, a speedwork session and many more without disturbing the athlete, just putting the sensors on the laces. And I get valuable info, especially on symmetry and running efficiency. Thanks Runfisix for all your help. Thanks for all that you do. 

-Marc R T. Physiotherapist (NN Running Team)

Runfisix was a great support. I'm not an expert runner, but a regular working mom of 4 who wants to be able to run for enjoyment and fitness in a healthy way until I'm old - like 85 would be awesome!! I wanted to learn what my weaknesses and strengths were about the way I run and how I could be run without injuring myself. Runfisix staff were so helpful, explained things and showed me in a kind and supportive way. I learned lots and the computer showed my improvement over the process from doing his recommended exercise. A great investment of time and fun to learn!! Thanks Runfisix!

-Cindy K. Runner