Remote Analysis


Valuable analysis of running gait and form during typical outdoor workouts. Performed remotely from collected data.

  • From any location *

  • Using cutting edge technology

  • Sensor data & video interpretation

  • Detailed results reporting

  • Next action recommendation

  • Corrective exercise video access

Our world leading technology and process pulls apart exactly how you run mechanically in incredible detail. Allowing us to pin down the cause of movement inefficiencies and dysfunctions.

And this is done whilst you run where and how you would normally run. Whether on a TREADMILL, TRACK, ROAD or TRAIL.

To begin taking advantage of the same service that has helped leading physiotherapists, elite runners, running teams, shoe stores and shoe manufacturers just click the button below.

Gait Analysis Course


Coming early 2020

*currently available to runners in North America and Europe

Prices shown in USD


''My running analysis and injury prevention work with Runfisix was probably the most helpful investment I’ve ever had into my running. I would suggest every runner do this.''

- David H. Runner and Run Program Ambassador