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Remote assessment of data collected anywhere in the world using cutting edge wearable technology from our partners at RunScribe. 


Do you have your own RunScribe pods?

If not you can purchase a set here:


Don't want to purchase a set to keep but live in continental North America?

We can send you a set of footpods to collect your data for 1 to 2 weeks. You just pay the return mailing back to Runfisix in Calgary, Alberta. (see address).


Why remote analysis?

  • It means you don't have to make a special appointment and go to a clinic.
  • It can be done on your terms as part of your normal running schedule.
  • It will measure and record data from the 'realistic', regular outdoor workouts that you would normally do.


What you do?

Run a minimum of 8 workouts with the footpods and send some video (30s or more) of you running from the side and from the rear views. 


What you get?

After the data has been collected and QC'd and any loaned footpods have been returned, you will get a comprehensive report summarizing the results, detailing an expert interpretation and providing action and exercise suggestions. We can also provide shoe data comparisons if and when required. 


Example remote analysis