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A set of RunScribe pods and a remote gait analysis


RunScribe Pods

RunScribe pods are the most comprehensive and affordable running gait sensors in the consumer and professional market today. They are used by more than 500 leading clinics, training centers and research laboratories around the world. They have also been used by many of the world's well known shoe manufacturers for shoe research and development. Their suite of lab validated and trusted metrics thoroughly profile your running gait no matter what environment or event you are running in.



Runfisix Analysis

Our world leading gait analysis allows you to get the most out of your RunScribe pods by providing a detailed assessment of exactly how you run in your normal environment and what this means for you in terms of injury prevention, race performance and shoe selection.  

If you don't just want to track your basic running metrics, but you want to really understand your running mechanics and why you are prone to particular injuries or inefficiencies then this is the package you need. 


What you get

  • 1 RunScribe kit (incl. dock, charging cable and extra cradles)
  • A quick start guide to using your new pods
  • A guide to collecting your data
  • A full data analysis and final gait analysis report (incl. recommendations)


@runfisix 'I am appreciative of all your effort in helping to identify weaknesses contributing to my running injuries through remote gait analysis with the RunScribe pods. It was so rewarding to finish a race and a race distance I had yet to race to date AND not be injured!'. Kristina H